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0-6 months

Foot length: Up to 4" or 9.8 cm

Baby Laundry Hanging on a Clothesline

6-12 months

Foot length: up to 4 7/8"

or 11.4 cm

Smiling baby girl toddler with toy walker make first steps isolated on a white background.

12-18 months

Foot Length: Up to 5 1/8"

or 12.4 cm

It is important to measure your child's foot when purchasing our soft sole baby booties. Every child's foot grows at a different rate and at different times. To measure, simply use a ruler or tape measure and measure your child's foot fully extended making sure toes are not curled (heel to longest toe). As a tip, always opt for the size up if your child's foot is in between sizes to accommodate extra room for growth. We strive to make ordering as easy as can be with 3 sizes for newborns, crawlers/ pre-walkers and beginner walkers.

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