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Your Source for High-Quality Baby Shoes

It can occasionally be difficult to find high-quality shoes for infants and toddlers when you are browsing big box department stores. For this reason, Yessy Baby offers an excellent selection of baby shoes in a wide range of colors, styles and materials for you to complete your baby’s adorable outfit ensemble.


Though your baby may not be walking yet, shoes still have plenty of use beyond just being a cute way to tie up their outfit. They afford some additional warmth on cold days, and offer protection against the elements. Baby shoes also protect your child’s feet while they’re crawling around outdoor or unfamiliar environments.


Here’s a quick look at the different categories of items we have in stock:


  • Shoes for newborns: We have a selection of shoes designed to fit very small newborn babies. These soft bottom shoes for infants are made to be as comfortable as they are adorable, giving some extra support and comfort to your newborn child.

  • Size 1: A baby size 1 shoe is generally meant for a child zero to three month sold, with a foot measuring about 3-1/3 inches in length.

  • Size 2: Size 2 shoes for a baby are usually for babies three to six months old with feet between 3-1/2 and 4 inches in length.

  • Size 3: Size 3 shoes for infants are usually for babies six to nine months old with feet at least four inches long.

  • Size 4: Infant shoes in size 4 are for babies nine to 12 months old with feet at least 4-1/2 inches long.

  • Size 5: Size 5 infant shoes are for babies 12-18 months old with feet at least 4-3/4 inches long.


This size chart should give you a basic, introductory look at the shoe sizes you should be looking at for your children, but of course these are just general recommendations and babies may grow at different rates outside of these typical sizes.


Our selection includes infant shoes for girls and boys alike, in a wide range of sizes and appearances.


We encourage you to browse our online store to check out what we have in stock. If you have any questions, contact us at Yessy Baby and we will be happy to provide you with further assistance.


Happy shopping!

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