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Which Type of Baby Shoes are the Best for Infants and Toddlers?

Feet are very important, and so is how they are treated. Babies are fascinated by their feet, and why not? They are really cute! Of course, also, feet are essential to healthy growth and movement, so knowing how to provide your little one with the best shoes for infants is an important concern. Which type of baby shoes are the best for infants and toddlers? What do parents need to know? Here are the basics.

What makes a good choice for the best shoes for infants?

Before your little one starts to walk, he or she will need socks or little booties, just to keep their feet warm, but afterwards, when baby becomes more active and starts walking, the shoes they wear start to matter more and more. Getting shoes for infants that are the best for walking and protection is what is needed. Don’t forget about the rolling and crawling stages, too!

Be sure the shoes fit

The best shoes for infants and toddlers must do the jobs of protecting their little feet and providing stability. Shoes for toddlers are for walkers, but shoes for infants will suit little ones in the below 12 months age group. A baby begins to walk usually after 12 months and is considered a toddler to 36 months. Get the right size for baby’s feet and development, no matter what age, or whether buying booties or shoes. Use a measuring tape or a ruler to check the length of the foot, from the heel to the longest toe. It should fit snugly but not tightly, and the shoes should be comfortable.

What should shoes for infants be made from?

Shoes for infants and toddlers should be made from good quality and breathable material. They should be lightweight and easy to wear, and leather and suede are good choices for these reasons. Avoid anything plastic or synthetic. Leather is an excellent choice. Why? Because when your baby’s shoe is made from 100% Italian leather, you know you have a good quality, comfortable shoe that will let baby’s little feet breathe and move. The shoe should be flexible but strong, and it should bend easily in your hand. Leather will do that. Leather lets you feel baby’s toes through the shoe.

And it doesn’t hurt if they are adorable, too!

Babies are cute, and watching them go through their developmental stages makes parents feel wistful, proud, and nostalgic. It is nice to have a cute pair of shoes to match. Shoes for infants should be soft and strong, dressy or casual, and even seasonal for when you want to bring in the sweetness factor. Leather shoes for infants should be as adorable as they are practical and useful.

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