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How to Choose the Right Baby Walking Shoes

Baby’s first pair of shoes are the most memorable purchase you will ever make, not only for first-time parents, but for all in general, too! Picking out the cutest option is not enough. Your baby wouldn’t want to put on shoes that are bulky and hard to remove. Thus, a lot more planning goes into picking out the ideal baby girl shoes for walking.

We want to highlight our prettiest pair of baby girl shoes for walking and share some tips to consider when purchasing baby shoes online. Let’s explore how to find the right baby shoes for walking.

When should I buy the first baby girl shoes for walking?

The right type of shoes are essential for baby’s development. It’s worth mentioning that you shouldn’t run to buy the first pair of shoes for your baby when she takes her initial wobbly steps. Having bare feet teaches children how to walk, feel the ground, grip, and wiggle their toes, thus promoting foot development. However, at the same time, shoes help to keep those little feet warm and safe. The compromise between those two recommendations is to buy good-quality Italian leather shoes. They provide the best barrier for your baby’s delicate feet while also giving a natural feel that won't compromise the healthy development of those feet.

Which qualities should you look for in the first baby walking shoes?

Pre-walkers and toddlers should prefer flexible and lightweight shoes that are made with soft, breathable materials, like leather. In addition, it’s safe for your baby to wear baby girl shoes with suede to avoid slipping.

Which baby shoes are not recommended for growing toddlers?

Crocs, sneakers, and flip flops are hard to keep on and do not provide the necessary protection or functionality.

When should I size up baby's shoes?

Baby feet grow at least two sizes per year in their initial four years. It’s a fast development, followed by a slow-down to one size of growth per year. Every child will be different, and their rate of growth will be varying and uneven. Re-measure your baby’s feet every 1-2 months to check for comfortability. Use your thumb to press down on the big toe of the shoe; there should be an inch at maximum for the little toes to wiggle in your baby girl shoes for walking.

What are some obvious signs to watch out for?

It’s imperative to choose shoes that will last longer and remain comfortable. Here are the signs that say it’s time to buy a new pair of baby shoes.

- Sudden redness on the soles, arches, or ankles of the foot could be an indication that your baby might be outgrowing their shoes.

- Look for any discoloration or swelling in the toes. Ensure that the big toes are aligned and not being bent.

- Posture and balance are other things to notice in your baby’s walk.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, these tips will educate you on what’s best for your baby’s tiny feet and help you easily choose the appropriate baby shoes. Buying baby girl shoes for walking will be fun and exciting now! Click here to browse Yessy Baby’s baby shoes for walking, featuring our comfiest, leather-made booties.

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