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Baby Shoes — What Every Parent Needs to Know

There are many milestones in a child’s life that a parent needs to be prepared for: sleeping through the night, first words, their first steps. Just trust your instincts, and the advice of your pediatrician! A first step leads to toddling and walking. When is the right time to buy shoes and when do baby shoes become something more than a pair of foot warmers? What do you need to know about first walkers shoes for babies?

Their little feet are still growing, and you may want them to get used to the feeling of shoes and socks early on. Socks with non-skid soles are just right. But they are growing, so baby’s first step will naturally lead to the next. Our shoes mimic the feel of socks on baby’s feet, making the transition from socks to shoes an easy one.

Not to mention, there are times when baby is going to all dressed up for family photos or events. A cute pair of shoes goes with their outfit!

Shoes before walking

This is the point where baby starts to stand up with a little bit of help. When it looks like the walking stage is imminent, look for soft soled shoes that will keep their feet warm and get them used to having shoes on their feet. All shoes for babies should provide protection to their toes. If you are buying your baby a first pair of shoes at this age, perhaps to commemorate the stage and want to save them, this might be the time! Be sure any shoes that you buy at this point fit well — not too loose, and not too tight. Measure the foot from heel to toe.

Walkers shoes for babies

Babies usually start to walk after 12 months, and now is the time for walkers shoes for babies. You have a toddler now! The shoe should still be soft and breathable, as well as lightweight. At this point, the shoe will not provide very much ankle stability, and baby will still be toddling around uncertainly, but you don’t want baby to take the shoes off. Soft leather and a soft suede sole make a good, secure, non-skid walker. Again, measure baby’s foot because size does really matter. They should fit snugly at the heel, but still be loose at the toe. Adjustable shoes, with elastic ankle bands are helpful, but make sure the shoe is not too tight and does not leave any marks.

Walkers shoes for babies just need to be comfortable and a good fit. A good quality material like leather and suede will help the shoes last longer. Be sure the shoes are 100% leather to be stylish, comfortable, and practical. Babies will wear out their shoes once they start walking, and their feet will grow quickly.

You can find good quality, leather baby shoes from parents who know what is needed. Choose the shoes you want with a variety of style and color choices. And they are adorable, too! Click here for more information about the best walkers, shoes for babies who are starting to take those first steps.

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